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Which Vaporizer Is Right For You?

Which Vaporizer Is Right For You?

When it comes to vaporizers, there is an option for everyone. Depending on your tastes, preferences and budget, the best vaporizer for you may not be the best for all and vice-versa. Speaking of the best, let’s take a minute to address the Volcano issue.

volcano classicIf you are familiar with vaporizers, then you are surely aware of the holy grail of them all, the Volcano. It is widely accepted that these vaporizers are the best in the industry. High in quality and output, the Volcano is the ultimate for the frequent users or anyone looking to impress their friends at a party. However, they don’t come cheap. The average Volcano will set you back a pretty penny, typically ranging from $500-$700.

It might be hard for the occasional user-or anyone with a budget- to justify spending that much on a smoking device. There are definitely alternative options for a more cost-effective vaping experience. Some vaporizers can range from $150-$300 and you won’t have to sacrifice too much quality. In fact, it can be argued that these moderately priced vapes give you the most bang for your money. Brands like the Extreme Q, HerbalAire and Vapir offer these types of vaporizers.

hot box vaporizerThere are also whip-style vaporizers, which is the most common type of vaporizers and usually feature a long tube through which the vapor passes. Hence the term “whip-style.” The Hot Box and SSV are two options of this type of vaporizer. Both feature unique, aesthetically pleasing designs. One of the higher quality whip style vaporizers is the Hot Box Vaporizer, equipped with a glass heating element and an internal control system. It’s more expensive than the average whip-style vaporizer but it’s an awesome choice and sure to please any user.

Taking into account your frequency of use, your bank account and your preference to vape socially or more individually will all contribute to your choice of which vaporizer is best for you. Make sure to look for warranties and read up on reviews before making a final choice, especially with a more expensive option.

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