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marijuanaleafHave you ever wanted to just enjoy marijuana without having to worry about its health risks? Although its benefits are fast becoming common knowledge, there is no getting around the fact that marijuana still poses a certain degree of risk with regard to how it is commonly ingested. Tobacco smoke is of course a familiar health risk, but marijuana smoke can be just as risky to the health, especially for people already dealing with serious health problems. Since medical marijuana is commonly prescribed to people with serious health conditions, there is a need for a safer and healthier alternative to the traditional smoking methods.

One solution worth considering is the vaporizer. More than just a novel new replacement for the bongs or hand blown glass pipes of years past, vaporizers are actually scientifically sound devices that offer a number of legitimate benefits for the medical marijuana user. If you want to be able to enjoy marijuana without worrying about the harmful effects of smoke, vaporizers are definitely the way to go.

Vaporizers contain a heating element that heats up the marijuana just enough to release its active ingredient in a vapor that can then be inhaled safely. Containing only the active cannabinoids that are responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects, this vapor is definitely much better for the lungs–and for the health–than marijuana smoke.


If you are convinced that using a vaporizer is the way to go, there are many options you can check out on the market. In fact, the sheer number of different models may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed especially when you consider the wide range of different price points in which they are sold. With models ranging from the simple costing only a few dollars to highly intricate models costing several hundred dollars, the vaporizer market definitely isn’t short of options to consider.

When shopping around for a vaporizer, it would help you to realize that all vaporizers work pretty much the same way. The heating element mentioned previously is crucial to the proper operation of the device, so you should make absolutely sure that it is of sufficiently high-quality. You should also look for a model that is built ruggedly enough to withstand daily use. Apart from that, the different designs and features are largely cosmetic rather than functional, and you can basically decide on the one you want based on your personal preferences.

Here are a few models with checking out:

Hot Box Vaporizer

This model is available in patented stone or tile, with an innovative ceramic heating element. Quick, easy and convenient, this model offers efficient vaporization for not a lot of money.

da-vinci-vaporizerDaVinci Vaporizer

This one runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which means that you don’t have to worry about butane or a mains power source. A portable and lightweight unit, this is a great choice for travel or outdoor use.

Finally check out the PUFFiT, which comes with an internal microprocessor and a high-quality heating chamber finished in gold plate.