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Vaporizing vs Smoking

Vaporizing vs Smoking

All smokers now have the ability to receive the same satisfaction from puffing on a cigarette, minus all the negative side effects and guilt, not to mention the restrictions associated with smoking in public. Switching to a vaporizer is a great alternative that is ripe with benefits.

Vaporizers heat up tobacco or other herbs to a point at which they vaporize without burning. It is the combustion process of smoking that releases tar and other harmful carcinogens into the smoke that is then inhaled. With a vaporizer, the only thing being inhaled is pure, potent vapor. No more throat irritation or risk of lung cancer!Wulf Tundra

If you’re not sold on the health benefits, think of the practical advantages. Your clothes will no longer reek of smoke, nor will vapor yellow your teeth and fingernails like smoke tends to do. You won’t have to worry about smoking zones or second hand smoking around children or non-smokers. Your home will not lose value by smelling like an ashtray, with odors imbedded in walls and furniture. Vaporizers put out minimal odor and it disappears quickly. Choose a portable vaporizer for access to your herbs on the go!

Perhaps best of all, vaporizers require fewer herbs and produce more potent results. So you will save money in the long run by using less tobacco! The vapor can be inhaled longer than traditional smoke because it is harmless, which means you can take longer drags than with smoking. Also, with cigarettes, the tobacco continues to burn between drags, which is all wasted. Vaporizers do not release vapor unless you inhale, so there is no waste.

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