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Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer Review $179.99

Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer Review

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When we are tasked with writing so many reviews on cannabis vaporizers, we know what we like. Defining what we like in a vaporizer is simple: It must provide good value for the money spent, produce consistent quality vapors, and be well constructed.

You would be surprised just how many devices fail at this simple three part test. There is a load of junk on the market out there, and an uniformed user is likely to purchase one of these devices and become unhappy with the world of vaporizers.

Thus we were extremely impressed with what we saw in the Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer. The device is built with quality in mind, and we got some of the best results we have ever experienced with a portable vaporizer.

The Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer is larger than a lot of other portable devices out there, but that size increase comes with the ability for the user to adjust the vape temperature and a decent heat up time of just under a minute. These are things that we have not really experienced on a consistent basis in the portable vaporizer world, and we are very happy that the Vapir includes it.Vapir-No.-2

In terms out output, he Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer is near the top of the heap in terms of what is coming from portable vaporizers. The device suggests that you vape at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit, a full 10 degrees hotter than we normally see. Heed that advice though, as the vapor created by the Vapir NO2 Rechargeable Vaporizer is smooth, thick, and plentiful.

This device is definitely worth the $175-200 you can expect to pay for it. The larger size resembles a water bottle, thus cutting back on portability. That lack of portability is made up in the product’s features though, which produce some of the best vapor that we have ever seen in a portable vaporizer.

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