The Best Vaporizer Reviews

Types Of Vaporizers

palm-vape-colorsIf you are interested in using marijuana for its numerous health benefits, it is definitely worth considering the use of a vaporizer. Enabling you to consume marijuana without having to inhale smoke, vaporizers give you all the benefits of medical marijuana without the drawbacks.

There are actually a few different varieties of vaporizers available on the market, but they all work pretty much the same way. Vaporizers essentially heat the marijuana to a level sufficient to vaporize the active ingredients called cannabinoids. This method of ingesting marijuana offers a number of benefits over the traditional methods such as smoking.

When you smoke marijuana, you are essentially burning the leaf matter along with all the cannabinoids contained in it. Most of the cannabinoids in marijuana are contained in the resin that is produced in glands in the trichomes, which are the hair-like parts growing out the end of a bud.

The problem is that marijuana begins to burn at a much higher temperature than that with which cannabinoids are vaporized. This not only results in smoke being produced–which in itself is harmful to the lungs–but also causes a lot of the cannabinoids to be wasted. Simply put, smoking marijuana subjects the cannabinoid to a much higher temperature than is required.


Here are the most significant benefits of vaporization:

  • No smoke is produced
  • Less waste
  • More efficient use of marijuana
  • No smell produced

These benefits are especially important for patients that use marijuana for medical purposes. Since no smoke is produced, marijuana can even be used by patients that are not able or willing to smoke, due to a lung condition or allergy.

Vaporization also uses marijuana far more efficiently than other methods of ingestion. With smoking, a large percentage of the active ingredients are actually burned before they can be inhaled, and most are just simply released into the air. By using a vaporizer however, you can use every bit of cannabinoid that is in the plant material, which means that you can use much less marijuana than usual in order to get the desired effect. This in itself can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Some of the most common types of vaporizers are:

  • Direct heat dome vaporizers.
  • Indirect heat vaporizers.
  • Stored vapor designs

Direct heat dome vaporizers are the most familiar designs. These typically have a heating element much like the tip of a soldering iron, on which a small metal bowl is fitted. When heated up, the marijuana vaporizes and the vapor is contained in the glass dome that fits over the bowl.

atmos-raw-colorsWith indirect heat vaporizers, the heating element never actually comes into contact with the marijuana. Better still, the marijuana is only vaporized whenever you inhale. You can even control how much vapor you get into your lungs by inhaling more strongly or more gently as you see fit.

Finally, there are also stored vapor devices in which the vapor is contained in a special balloon. This design is less effective than the other two, and is most often used in social settings.