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Replacing Your Vaporizer Parts

Replacing Your Vaporizer Parts

Even the best quality vaporizers will have parts that need replacement over time. By properly knowing how to replace these parts, your vaporizer will continue to bring you desired results. Replacing parts is much more economical than replacing a whole unit, so make sure to pay attention to maintenance.

While some vaporizers come with replacement parts, others do not. No worries, though. Replacement parts can be easily purchased from manufacturers and distributors alike. The most commonly replaced parts are balloons, mouthpieces, valve sets, chamber pads and filling chambers. By purchasing parts from the same manufacturer, you can ensure the maximum durability and longevity of your vaporizer.

balloon-bagsWhen it comes time to replace parts, you have a choice between disposable, semi-disposable and extended use parts. Disposable parts are often replaced and include such items as balloons or bags. After a few uses, you will need to replace them again and again. Because of the demand for these products, they are usually sold in bulk and are cost-effective.

Semi-disposable replacement parts include mouthpieces and valve sets. While they are more long-lasting than disposable parts, they still need to be replaced on a more consistent basis. To extend the life of these parts, make sure to clean them often and avoid moisture. Replace them as soon as they show signs of lesser quality. Overuse can lead to poor quality vapor and low overall results. Usually, these semi-disposable parts are sold individually.

Extended use replacement parts are designed to last a long time. These are not replaced often at all. Chamber pads, filling pads, and maintenance kits are all extended parts. When used with proper operation, these parts should last you for years.

Never skimp on replacement parts, as using low quality parts will just cause you to replace them more often and may damage the vaporizer or void any warranties.

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