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Palm Vaporizer Review $89.99

Palm Vaporizer Review

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We have seen a lot of vaporizers in our time here, which run the gamut from being unique to bland, good to garbage. When we originally got our hands on the Palm Vaporizer, we were surprised at its look. The thing resembles a tobacco pipe that your grandfather would use, not a portable device that one would use to vaporize cannabis.

Unfortunately, the unique look belies a the fact that this device is garbage. The Palm Vaporizer is a poorly constructed vaporizer which does a subpar job of what it is supposed to do.

When looking at the Palm Vaporizer, you will notice that there is a plastic lid that sits on top of a mesh screen. When you want to vape, you will end up putting your herbs into that chamber and cover with the lid. A battery is then pushed into the vaporizer, during which time you will see an indication light fire up, revealing that the vaporizing is in process.palm-vape-colors

We had to wait about 15 seconds to get vapor off of the dang thing. Furthermore, we often times ended up burning our stuff as the device did not perform in a consistent manner. Needless to say, we were not impressed, and could not wait to throw this device to the side to actually use something decent that would work properly.

Overall, we cannot recommend the Palm Vaporizer or its slightly more compact brother the Palm 2.0 for usage. The device is inconsistent, and you will actually stand a pretty solid chance of burning your pot if the battery gets stuck inside. For the money you can get your hands on much better devices like the Magic Flight Launch Box or an Arizer, which will offer much better results for only a few dollars more.

Stay away from this one.

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