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Iolite Whispr Vaporizer Review $199.99

Iolite Whispr Vaporizer Review

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The world of corporate branding is not immune to the cannabis consumption community. We have seen multiple instances of just changing one product feature and creating a whole new brand. This appears to be the case with the Iolite Whispr Vaporizer, as it operates almost identically to the well designed Iolite Portable.

The Whispr has a little bit more fashionable body, with a mouthpiece that ends up folding into the side of the unit. We have seen that the price of the unit is higher than that of its sister device, and we have to wonder if the outward design change is really worth the added cost.

Functionally, the Iolite Whispr Vaporizer is a great product. Small and efficient, the Whispr runs on butane rather than batteries. This is great because butane is substantially cheaper than batteries, and even if it were competing with a rechargeable battery, it would still win because it only takes a minute to recharge butane rather than the hours a battery takes.iolite-wispr-vaporizer

Vapor wise, the Iolite Whispr Vaporizer is a quality product. The device heats itself to 374 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a vapor that is just about perfect. We were able to generate about 5 hits off this device before we had to refill, and the butane was surprisingly efficient, giving us 6 sessions before we had to put more in.

Overall, we have to say that the innards of the Iolite Whispr are about identical to the standard Iolite model, which is actually a good thing. If you ask us, the device is good, but probably not worth the jump in price that you have when compared to the standard model.

But if looks are a big deciding factor for you, you can’t go wrong with the Iolite Whispr. It looks nice and does a good job.

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