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How Do Vaporizers Work?

How Do Vaporizers Work?

A vaporizer is a device used to cleanly inhale the active compounds in a substance, typically cannabis. They work best with finely ground substances, which are put onto or near a heating element, depending on the specific kind of vaporizer being used. The element slowly heats the substance, allowing the constituents inside to boil off without burning the plant matter and causing smoke to become present. This means that no tar or other irritants and carcinogens are produced or inhaled. The vapors can either be inhaled immediately through a pipe or tube, or collected into a jar or bag. If the vapors are cooled before inhalation, they will not irritate or burn the upper throat, which should be considered before trying to inhale heated gas. Inhaling a large puff of uncooled vapor will often cause severe coughing. This is likely due to the THC itself, which is known to have a strong expectorant effect.

Electronic cigarettes are a common type of vaporizer, capitalizing on the fact that vaporized tobacco, unlike burned tobacco, does not put tar or other toxins into the body, and removes carbon monoxide from the second-hand smoke environment. In fact, second-hand smoke is nearly eliminated.

Studies have found that vaporizing marijuana is far more efficient than ingesting pure THC in pill form. When comparing vaporizing and smoking, the efficiency is the same as far as getting the desired chemical out of the marijuana or tobacco. Studies also show that this method is also safer, by eliminating the combustion of plant matter. With the use of medical marijuana spreading, vaporizers will certainly become the recommended tool for use of the drug, making sure that any medical benefits will not be tainted with toxic by-products of inhaling smoke.

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