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HerbalAire Vaporizer Review $249.99

HerbalAire Vaporizer Review

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We get to see a lot of different vaporizers here, heck, it is our job to wade through as many vaporizers as possible in order to discern the best and the worst devices in the world.

Thus, it is pretty rare when we are surprised. When we come across a product that makes us pause and go “Whoa”, we generally have to stop and test it multiple times to make sure that our observations were correct.

Thus is the case with the HerbalAire Vaporizer. The device is a mid-ranger, running about $250 online. Dubbing itself as a device that can be used in three ways, the HerbalAire is a versatile product that puts out a pretty high quality vape.

We used the HerbalAire with both a bag and a whip, and got pretty solid results. We do not recommend taking a draw directly from the device, but rather using one of the two previously mentioned ways in order to make sure that the vapor isn’t too hot or intense.herbal_aire_vaporizer_kit

Overall product construction is good with the HerbalAire Vaporizer, and we were very happy with just what we got. The heating element is good, and actually contains a unique way to vaporize your herb. With the HerbalAire, you will not grind your herbs, but rather press them into the bowl. We were skeptical as to whether this would work, but it does and the results are pretty solid.

We have to say that we are very impressed with the HerbalAire Vaporizer. At $250 it is a good quality mid-range product that will likely last you a long time. If you are just getting into vaporizing, you can’t go wrong with the HerbalAire. It will last you a long time and serve you well until you decide to get a really high end device.

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