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Everything You Need To Know About Vaporizing

Everything You Need To Know About Vaporizing

Herbal vaporizers are very quickly becoming the new standard for people who use smoking herbs, such as eucalyptus or legalized medical marijuana, as a safer and more efficient delivery system than combustion. Combustion causes smoke that can contain many harsh toxins and tars that have been scientifically shown to contribute to a vast array of diseases. With the advent of modern day herbal vaporizers, the delivery methods of any combustible herb is free of smoke and any associated toxins that are carried in the smoke.

A good way to view using herbal vaporizers – for those who are legally using medical marijuana – can be demonstrated as follows. Users of medical marijuana are already suffering from an extreme illness. The last thing their body needs is more toxins hampering their immune system. Vaporizing the herbs, as opposed to combusting them and inhaling the smoke and its many toxins, allows for them to receive the activated THC(delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) because the herbs vaporize when a certain amount of heat is induced to the nuggets or buds of the plant that are rich in THC (the main active chemical in marijuana that the brain receives which induces a psychotropic affect).
The most common herbal vaporizer that you will find is a digital vaporizer. They all function in a very similar manner. Here is a step-by-step process of how digital vaporizers work.

Step 1) Vaporizers work to vaporize the active chemicals and natural oils in herbs by heating them up to a temperature where they reach their boiling point (generally 180 degrees in Fahrenheit).

Step 2) Digital herbal vaporizers all have an air intake tube which feeds air that is being inhaled by the user into the central unit. The herbal material is loaded in small bits into the main chamber. The main chamber contains a heating element that heats up the herbs until their oils and active ingredients reach their boiling point, but do not combust.

Step 3) As the air passes through the main chamber, the evaporating vapors of the natural oils mixes with the air in gas form. It is inhaled through a thin plastic tube (in most cases) and directly into the lungs of the user. Herbal vaporizers are able to deliver up to 40% more concentrated oils or active agents that would otherwise disintegrate upon combustion. Furthermore, the vapors do not contain any of the tars or toxins that are found in smoke.

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