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Eclipse Vape Vaporizer Review $98.99

Eclipse Vape Vaporizer Review

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The Eclipse Vape brand of products is quite unique in the vaporizing world, as it tasks you with doing a lot of your own work. Previously we had reviewed the Eclipse Vape H2O, which required the use of a bong in order to get the vapor out.

The standard Eclipse Vape pipe is a cheap device that also tasks you with doing a lot of your own heating through a lighter or butane torch. At $98, the device has to be among the lower priced devices that we have seen, and we were a bit skeptical when we first laid our hands on it.

Does the Eclipse Vape do anything to dispel our doubts?

Build wise, the Eclipse Vape is pretty simple. It looks like a pipe that is made out of metal. One side of the device has a screw in port in which the chamber connects. The other end is the mouthpiece, wherein you will (hopefully) take in some vapor.

While the Eclipse Vape claims compatibility with herbs, oils, and extracts, we can honestly say that we don’t think you should use the Eclipse Vape for herbs. This is due to the fact that you have to light your cannabis in the chamber.

eclipse-vape-pipe-volorsAnd therein lies the big problem with the Eclipse Vape pipe. Being tasked with lighting your own cannabis makes this device sketchy in its output. It is too easy to burn the oil, and even easier to do so with herbs in the chamber. While we were able to get some decent results, we also had a fair amount of combustion, and that just sucks.

Would we recommend the Eclipse Vape Pipe?

Overall, we can’t really recommend the Eclipse Vape. If you are looking for a cheap and portable vaporizer, dedicate some money to actually getting a device that does the work for you. For about $20 more there are options that will do a much more efficient job for you.

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