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Easy Vape Vaporizer Review $119.99

Easy Vape Vaporizer Review

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We have taken a little bit of heat for our critical reviews of the Easy Vape brand of vaporizers in the past. We don’t think that they have the best construction in the industry, but do give credit to the device for creating a useable vapor as well as keeping a low price point.

Now we come to where it all started for the Easy Vape brand, its flagship Easy Vape Vaporizer. There are no digital readouts, no extra features that drive up the price. This is just a simple, low end vaporizer that tries to do an efficient job with the limited resources that it has.

Is it any good? Read on to find out.

The Easy Vape can be credited with the initial speaker box design that all of its follow up devices have copied. This box is cheap, going for about $120 in store, and the quality definitely shows.easy-vape

We found that the construction of the bowl to be fragile, and there is no setting to keep it firmly in place. We also are critical of the Easy Vape’s temperature settings, as we had a hard time trying to find the optimal temperature to make our herbs vaporize without burning. Needless to say, the company’s newer devices such as the Digital V5 offer a bit more calibration and are definitely worth the extra bucks.

Vapor quality was decent when we were actually able to get the device to produce well for us. While it is not nearly as good as higher end vaporizers, the stuff we got from the Easy Vape was decent enough and got the job done and we got sufficiently high.

Overall we have to give the Easy Vape the lowest grade out of all of its related products. This is simply the bottom of the barrel, and while we appreciate the low price, you should invest a bit more money at the very least and get yourself a Digital V5.

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