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Easy Vape 2 Vaporizer Review $159.99

Easy Vape 2 Vaporizer Review

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Easy Vape 2 vs. the Original Easy Vape Vaporizer

Its no secret: We did not like the Easy Vape Vaporizer when we reviewed it in the past. We felt that the overall device output was not worth the amount of money being asked for it, and we had a lot of trouble with near combustion temperatures.

Thus, it was with great reluctance that we agreed to take on a review of the Easy Vape 2 Vaporizer. We wanted to see if the Easy Vape 2 improved on the original’s failings, and while we are somewhat happy with what we have seen, the Easy Vape 2 still has a long way to go in making it up to the elite class of vaporizers.

As a whip style home based device, the Easy Vape 2 runs at about $160, which puts this on the lower end of home devices. The Easy Vape 2 is about the same size as its older brother, and we ended up getting quite a bit in our bundle.

easy-vape-2-vaporizerThe Easy Vape 2 comes with a digital readout, temperature knob, a remote control, an internal fan, hands free mouthpiece and a hands free tube.

The Easy Vape 2’s Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor output, the Easy Vape 2’s vapor is decent, but certainly not above what the competition has been putting out. We found that the combustion issue with the original Easy Vape, and we feel that the digital readout with temperature knob is vastly improved.

The vapor that came from the Easy Vape 2 was smooth and tasted well, as the herbs we put in did not actually burn this time. The issue we had was that the amount of vapor that the Easy Vape 2 generated was minimal, so we don’t think the device is as efficient as many other devices.

Overall we feel that the Easy Vape 2 is an improvement over its predecessor, making it a decent device that still has some issues. Get this if you find it on a deal, but don’t expect a top level performance.

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