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E.Z.V. Vaporizer Review $119.99

E.Z.V. Vaporizer Review

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When we first laid eyes on the E.Z.V. Vaporizer, we didn’t know whether to put pot into it or wait for it to call us down to the principal’s office. To us, the thing looks like the old PA speaker that sat in all of the classrooms as a kid.

With that being said, we wanted to take a look as to how efficient this thing actually is. At about $120 for a medium sized vaporizer, we were curious to see just how it performed.

The E.Z.V. Vaporizer is a whip style vaporizer that produced a decent amount of product for us. We averaged about four to five bowls with vapor being produced in a very reasonable 10-12 second range.

We did note that we had to set the digital range down quite a bit, as the results we got ended up running a bit hot. We ended up vaping efficiently at about 370 degrees, but any hotter very likely would have resulted in combustion, and we would have been reviewing this as an electronic pipe rather than a vaporizer.ezv-vaporizer

Cleaning the device was somewhat easy, but we did find that the product build quality is nothing special. Let’s not fool ourselves, we weren’t expecting a Volcano quality item for $120, but we just didn’t get the idea that this thing is very solid or sturdy. It is supported with some rubber feet, and when one of those goes out, you will have a wobbly vaporizer.

Overall, we found the E.Z.V. Vaporizer to be a decent device. For the price, the amount of vapor that we got from it was respectable, and although it is not the highest quality device we have run across, we can’t complain with the results that we got from it. If you are looking for a budget vaporizer, you could do a lot worse than the E.Z.V. Vaporizer.

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