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Delta9 Persei Vaporizer Review $199.99

Delta9 Persei Vaporizer Review

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Design of the Delta9 Persei Vaporizer

If you are familiar with your with the Star Wars films, you will know what a lightsaber is. For those not in the know, a lightsaber is a type of laser sword that cuts through any piece of matter it makes contact with. A lightsaber has a distinctive handle, and it is that part of the hardware that reminds us of the Delta9 Persei Vaporizer.

Coming with rechargeable batteries and shaped like the iconic weapon, the Delta9 Persei Vaporizer definitely has a few unique qualities to it.

Coming in at just under $200, the Delta9 Persei Vaporizer is not cheap, and its build quality reflects its lofty price tag. Frankly the Persei has a very good weight and quality feel to it, and we definitely felt like the device could handle the wear and tear we could put it through.

The complete Delta9 Persei Vaporizer package comes with the rechargeable batteries, two replaceable tops, two mouth pieces, and a fill tool.


The Delta9 Persei Vaporizer is capable of handling both herbs and cannabis oil, which was a relief to us as we had a bit of extra oil laying around.

The Delta9 Persei Vaporizer’s Performance

Vapor wise, we were happy with the amount of output this device created. We had a bit of a lengthy heat up period, but that time was well spent as the vapor was of a very nice quality. The vapor we got was very cool, which surprised us a bit. Additionally, the vapor was very tasty and we had a great amount of draws off of the mouthpiece.

Overall Quality

Overall we feel that the Delta9 Persei Vaporizer is a fantastic device. The $199 price tag puts it into the mid-range category, but it definitely outperforms its price class. We definitely can say that this device is worth both your time and consideration.

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