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Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 Vaporizer Review $139.99

Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 Vaporizer Review

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In terms of vaporizers that deal with oils and waxes, we have either very good experiences or devices that are so bad that we can’t wait to cast them aside. When we got the Delta9 Omicron V 2.5, we did not know what to think.

Design and Use

The device comes in a very nice package, with all of its components coming in separated. It is a pretty complex looking device, but it is actually pretty simple. The fact of the matter is that the Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 is very easy to take apart and put together (and more importantly: clean).

Handling wax and oils, we found it to be overall pretty easy to get into the chamber, but that it required us to take some extra work to get it all to run in through the filling tube, something you don’t get from a lot of other devices out there.

The vapors that came from the device were very nice compared to what we expected. We did not have a harsh, hot, or gross tasting draw in the batch, and we were quickly feeling the impacts of the stuff we put in.omicron-vaporizer-2.5-version

The device comes with a couple of batteries which are expected to run through quite a bit of usage before you need to change out your energy source.

Is the Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 worth it?

Overall we think that the Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 is a decent device. The price is not the best on the market, but it certainly is not the worst either. The device’s build quality is pretty good, but we did not really like putting the oils into the chamber, as it required more effort than what we would have really liked to have seen.

We don’t think that the Delta9 Omicron V 2.5 is the best device but it is a good purchase if you can get it on a deal.

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