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Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer Review $89.99

Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer Review

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Sleek Design of the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer

Elegance. If we had one word to define the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer with, it would be Elegance. The sleek, smooth look of this device is complimented by its wonderful output and excellent build quality.

Let’s face it, many times a good vaporizer isn’t the prettiest device in the world. Good output is often put with big and bulky devices that either aren’t made for portability and are tied to an outlet. On the other hand, devices that are beautiful looking are not very functional.

So it is pretty unique when we see a device that mixes the best of both worlds. We already have told you that this device is great. Here’s why.

Performance and Qualityo-phos-vaporizer-kit

Going for just about $90, the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer is a pen sized portable vaporizer is an economical choice for those looking to start creating vapor from their cannabis. The O-PHOS comes with a carrying case, USB battery charger, filling tool, and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

As with almost every other portable device on the market, you will not be getting digital readouts or adjustable temperature settings with the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer. That is ok, as the device is so small that you would never be able to even read anything or use any of those extra features.

Vapor wise, the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer puts out some awesome stuff. We found ourselves able to take a moderate amount of hits off of this device, which was smooth, cool, and very delicious. For an $80 device, the O-PHOS the vapor quality was amazing.

Overall we can say that the Delta9 O-PHOS Vaporizer is a very fine purchase for anybody new to the world of vaporizing. The device is sleek and very portable and puts out a very good vapor. You will not regret buying this device. It is that good.

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