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Da Buddha Vaporizer Review $189.99

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

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When we look at an at home vaporizer, we are searching for a device that can produce a lot of high quality vapor for a consistent period of time. In contrast to the many portable devices we see, we expect a lot of production out of our home based devices; not just a few hits.

Thus we were very happy when we came across the Da Buddha Vaporizer. It is not a cheap device, but it will not break the bank here either. The Da Buddha is simple in its appearance, but executes a high quality vapor that we were very impressed with.

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We ended up getting the anodized black Da Buddha Vaporizer, which ended up being a bit more expensive than the silver model, but operates exactly the same.


You aren’t getting the full load of bells and whistles here in regards to digital readouts and such, but the temperature knob is accurate and really the only important feature that the Da Buddha Vaporizer needs.

Da Buddha’s Performance

We found the vapor to be fantastic from the Da Buddha. We ended up taking some very long draws in order to get awesome vapors, but those resulted in some absolutely wonderful experiences. We never had a harsh vapor from the Da Buddha, as the vapor we had was cool, smooth, and absolutely delicious. I would say that the Da Buddha Vaporizer’s vapor quality is among the top 90 percent of devices in terms of vapor quality; it is that good.

Would we recommend it?

Overall we have nothing but good things to say about the Da Buddha Vaporizer. Its $190 price tag isn’t cheap, but the device delivers in so many ways that we can’t complain about it. The vapors are amazing and you will definitely not regret having this in your home. It is a very nice device for the price.

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