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Classification of Vaporizer Designs

Classification of Vaporizer Designs

Vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes, from the extravagant models like the Volcano to the small, discreet Hot Box. As different as each one is, all vaporizers have two things in common. They all consist of a heating element and a storage device for vapor. There are many variations and accessories that go along with these basic parts, but lets focus on these two main elements.

When it comes to heating elements, there are two main types on the market today: Conduction and Convection. Conduction heating happens when an herb is placed on a metal plate and heated directly from there. Convection consists of indirect heating. In this case, heat is blown onto the herb, which creates the vapor. Radiant heating can also be used, but it is not nearly as popular.

vaporizer conduction convectionThe whole purpose of a vaporizer is to collect vapor, which can be inhaled. Some vaporizers allow you to store vapor temporarily in order to use it in the near future. As for the storage devices, there are many options available, including balloons, cylinders, bags and glass containers. All of these are good for storing vapor temporarily.

When choosing what vaporizer to use, it is best to research many different options and see what you think will work best for you. Some people like the larger options, such as the Volcano Vaporizer, while others desire more portability, which can be found in models like the Arizer Solo vaporizer. Whatever your preferences, every vaporizer will consist of some form of a heating element and a storage device.

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