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Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review $69.99

Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

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With this being our third Atmos review in the past couple of weeks, we were not really sure what to make of the Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer. When we got a look at the Nail, we were very happy with the results that we got out of the pen shaped vape. That enthusiasm shrank when we got to the Raw, which literally left a bad taste in our mouths when we found that it was burning blends instead of actually vaporizing them.

But with all of that considered, we decided to give the Thermo W a fair shake, and we are very happy that we did.

Running at about $70, the Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer is a lower priced vaporizer compared to some other models that we have seen on the market. This little guy is simple, but definitely gets the job done. The Thermo W is for use with oil or waxes only, meaning that you cannot take and put your blend right into the pen.

That is a good thing though, as we were able to get just the perfect amount of vapor from this. Nothing got too hot, and we were definitely impressed withatmos-thermo-w-vaporizer-charger what we saw. As long as you don’t go into this expecting some world class rips, you will be more than happy. We ended up pulling a few hits before the oil was cashed out and we needed to add more.

Feature wise, we were happy to see that the rechargeable lithium ion battery came with a USB charger, which gives a user added flexibility for power options when looking to toke back up in a pinch.

Overall, the Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer is a much better product for the money than the Atmos Raw. At $70, it is an absolute steal, and is something you should definitely consider if you are going to be vaporizing on the road.

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