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Atmos Raw Vaporizer Review $189.99

Atmos Raw Vaporizer Review

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Atmos burst on to the smoking world’s radar by offering small pen shaped vaporizers that performed well enough for what they are. However with the Atmos Raw Vaporizer model we are seeing a lower cost device that offers a no-frills vape experience. Is it worth it?

We ended up finding several models of the Atmos Raw Vaporizer online for roughly $190. This puts the Raw in the lower end of the vaporizer community in terms of cost. We were happy with the appearance of the device, and the size allows it to be put into your pocket and easily transported about.

Consumption is another story however. We ended up finding that the Atmos Raw Vaporizer heated our materials up too much, causing the pot we were smoking to combust rather than vaporize. This is a big deal, and leads us to question the quality control of the team responsible for the product.atmos-raw-colors

After contacting the Atmos team, we were shipped a new screen to use in the Raw Vape. We ended up getting the same results, with much more smoke than vapor being produced. We tend to think that this is actually being caused by the heating element inside of the pen, but have not had this confirmed by any outside sources.

Overall we simply cannot recommend the Atmos Raw Vaporizer in its current form. Sure, the price is right, and while the device appears to be of an appropriate quality, the burn control and production of this pen simply is not acceptable for what is dubbed a vaporizer.

If we were judging this as a portable pipe, we would say it is pretty neat. We aren’t judging it as a pipe, however, and the results that we got from the Atmos Raw Vaporizer are disappointing to say the least.

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