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Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review $79.99

Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review

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Not all vaporizers are the same. A lot of people assume that all vaporizers simply turn cannabis herbs into vapor. While this is true for some devices, other forms of cannabis can be transformed into vapor. These types include oils and waxes, and some devices deal exclusively in this.

The Atmos Optimus 510 is one such device. It specializes in heating oils up in a portable device that will produce a decent amount of vapor.

Design and Performance

Going for about $80 for the black kit, the Atmos Optimus 510 contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery, Optimus Cartridge, empty cartridge, an Atmos Optimus Cone, a USB Charger, a wall charger, and a user manual.

The device is neat in that we were actually able to see how much oil we had left in our cartridge, which let us know what to expect when taking hits off the direct mouthpiece.

We were also very happy with the vapor that the Atmos Optimus 510 put out for us. We had a decent heating time combined with some very smooth and quite potent vapors. We ended up getting 6-7 good sized rips off the device, which compares favorably to many other portable devices we have seen.atmos-optimus-takeapart

Overall Quality of the Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer

In comparison to a lot of other Atmos devices, we are thinking that the Atmos Optimus 510 is among the better vaporizers in the brand. The build quality is very nice, and we had no problems putting the device in our pockets and transporting it. We have been very critical of some of Atmos’ devices in the past, but the Optimus 510 is definitely a quality product that you should consider being in your possession.

Overall we definitely recommend the Atmos Optimus 510. The amount of vapor you get from this inexpensive, quality made device is impressive and we really liked being able to see the remaining vapor we had left. You will not be making a mistake by adopting this device.

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