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Atmos Nail Personal Vaporizer – Chrome Review $114.99

Atmos Nail Personal Vaporizer – Chrome Review

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While the smoking world has seen an influx of several new vaporizers within recent years. Almost like the development of the cell phone, we have seen the sizes of these smoking devices shrink in size and price throughout the years.

Such is the case with the Atmos Nail Personal Vaporizer. This device is a personal vaporizer in the shape of a pen, and is available in a few setups ranging from $100-150. The Nail is definitely a tiny device, and is useful for vaporizing oils and herbs.

As opposed to bigger and bulkier vaporizers, the Nail is unique in that the work all takes place in the device and is expelled directly through the top mouth piece – no hose or bag required on this tiny guy.atmos-nail-personal-vape

As an ultra compact and portable device, you will not see a tone of features on the Nail. The vape temperature is pre set in the pen, and there is no way to adjust it. Instead of replaceable batteries, the Nail comes with a re-chargeable Lithium Ion device that  powers the system’s internal coil.

We were pleased with our experience with the Nail. We found that our goods were heated up within about 10-12 seconds on average, and the vape draw that we got was tasty and very clean. The amounts we got were obviously smaller compared to some of the larger devices we try, but for the small size of this thing we were very happy.

Overall, we see the Atmos Nail Personal Vaporizer as being a device that is good for on the go vaporizing. If you are going to use primarily at home you should invest in a bigger device that will produce better yields. But if you are looking to go out on the town and need an effective and affordable way to get your herb on, you could definitely do worse than this little guy.

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