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Atmos i4 Vaporizer Review $119.99

Atmos i4 Vaporizer Review

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With Atmos devices, it appears that every vaporizer they make is radically different from any of the other devices it puts out. There simply is a lack of consistency and the results are either hit or miss as to whether or not they are any good.

So how does the Atmos i4 Vaporizer stack up?

Not well, unfortunately.

Atmos i4 Vaporizer’s Design

The Atmos i4 Vaporizer looks well enough on the outside. Retailing for about $85, the box like appearance is solid to hold in your hand, and we did not have any issues with the ease of use with the device. Additionally, the Atmos i4 Vaporizer came with a USB cord and wall charger, making this portable device that much more portable, as you can plug it into any device with a USB port and charge up your battery.


What we did have a problem with though, is performance. We ended up having some real issues with the Atmos i4 Vaporizer’s ability to vaporize oil and herbs. The herb performance was pitiful, with the i4 more often than not combusting our cannabis. This is simply not acceptable for any device that claims to be a vaporizer.


Oils did not fare much better either. We ended up having serious issues with the vapors that we got from the Atmos i4, with the vapor being harsh and not of very good quality. We attribute this to the high temperatures that the device puts out. We were able to get 4 to 5 hits off this thing when it was working, but with the harsh vapors, we can’t really say that we wanted that many pulls.

Overall Quality of the Atmos i4 Vaporizer

Overall we have to say that the Atmos i4 Vaporizer is a bad deal. Although it looks the part, this is a bad vaporizing device. We cannot say that this device is any good, as the high heating temperatures ended up turning our vapor to smoke.

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