The Best Vaporizer Reviews

“Aromatherapy” Vaporizers

For many years, the paraphernalia commonly associated with marijuana use were rolling papers, hand-blown glass pipes, and bongs. For better or worse, these were the objects most commonly associated with marijuana use, and they have become something of cultural icons. Nowadays however, medical marijuana users are more likely to reach into their pockets and pull out, not a pack of papers or a glass pipe, but a vaporizer. In today’s health conscious world, the new breed of marijuana user is well aware of the harmful effects of smoking, and vaporizers have presented themselves as the healthier alternative.


With marijuana having been legalized to some degree in 18 states and in Washington D.C., the market is right for a boom in vaporizer sales. In fact, this trend is already well underway, with sales figures having shot up more than 30% in the last four years.

Of course, the medical marijuana community is well aware of the benefits of vaporizers, especially when compared to smoking. They may be sold as aromatherapy devices, but it is safe to say that the bulk of vaporizer purchases are made by people who use it for marijuana–and for good reason.Interestingly enough, nearly all vaporizers today are marketed as aromatherapy devices rather than for ingesting marijuana. This is because of the legal gray area in which marijuana users and merchants still find themselves in. Although marijuana is legal in 18 states and in Washington D.C., it is still a controlled substance (read: illegal) as far as the federal government is concerned. One of the implications is that selling vaporizers as tools for ingesting marijuana is still illegal. Merchants therefore get around this law by selling vaporizers as aromatherapy equipment, purportedly for use with legal herbs and oils.

Vaporization allows users to get all the benefits of marijuana without having to deal with the negative effects of smoking. When marijuana is vaporized, users get only the cannabinoids (the primary active ingredient of marijuana) in a fine vapor, without the toxins and carcinogens present in smoke. For medical marijuana users, some of whom already have serious health problems to deal with, vaporizers are the next best thing to marijuana itself.pinnacle-vaporizer-hand

Apart from the health benefits, there are other compelling reasons for using a vaporizer instead of smoking marijuana. Vaporizers work on the simple principle of a low level heat source applied to the marijuana, causing the release of cannabinoids more efficiently than with burning. When marijuana is smoked, a lot of the cannabinoids are wasted due to combustion or simply released into the atmosphere. With a vaporizer however, the vapor is collected in a holding vessel and comparatively less marijuana is needed in order to get the same effect. This means that the same amount of marijuana will provide more doses when vaporized than when it is burned.

Nowadays, vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, with simple models costing only a few dollars to more complex “luxury” models costing several hundred dollars. While they still aren’t as closely tied in with marijuana culture as the accouterments of old, it is only a matter of time before vaporizer becomes the standard.