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Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer Review $199.99

Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer Review

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Available in a mass market scale across the interwebs, you would be forgiven for being skeptical of the Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer. The thing is available in a variety of shops ranging from Overstock to eBay, and runs roughly $200, making it an affordable if somewhat mass marketed vaporizer.

While that mass market skepticism may throw you off a bit, rest assured in knowing that the Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Coming without an integrated fan and remote control, the Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer does not share many of the features that make the related Extreme Q so great. However it should be noted that this vape will be about $200 less, and one should weigh whether or not they need to have such features.

Smoke wise, we are very happy with what the Extreme V brings to the party. The device uses a vertical heating chamber which we found helped with vapor quality. Heating up in just under two minutes, the device’s included LCD screen allowed us to program the temperature, and we went to about 235 degrees Celsius.arizer-v-tower

Overall product build quality is excellent, and we did not feel like dropping this puppy would cause irreparable harm. As with any Arizer product, you will place the herb into a bowl and then have it processed into the vaporizing system.

Surprisingly, we did not have any issues with the distribution of the vape like we did with the Extreme Q, which was actually pretty nice. Everything burned clean and evenly the first time.

Overall we have to say that we are very impressed with the Extreme V from Arizer. The product’s build quality and overall vapor production are on par with the more expensive Q, and we did not find ourselves missing the remote control or integrated fan. If you are looking for a great vaporizer on a budget, then definitely check out the Arizer Extreme V- Tower Vaporizer.

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