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Are Vaporizers Pipes?

Are Vaporizers Pipes?

With the popularity and availability of vaporizers increasing daily many people have raised the question of whether or not a vaporizer is considered a “pipe”. While both devices are used for the same purpose, they differ in key ways and are completely different smoking devices.

Vaporizers, like pipes, are used by people worldwide with the intent of inhaling a dried a herb. However unlike the traditional “pipe” vaporizers do not burn the substance in anyway; rather the substance is first gradually heated to temperatures exceeding 285 °F (140 °C). Over time the heating of the substance causes the resinous active chemicals on the leaves of the herb to boil and then evaporate into the air. This evaporate is then collected in a bag or sucked through a tube and inhaled by the user. Yet another key difference between pipes and vaporizers is health risks associated with use. Since Vaporizers do not actually burn the herb no smoke is inhaled, only vapor; due to this the level of dangerous chemicals and unhealthy carcinogens (the matter believed to cause cancer) is greatly reduced. This is in stark contrast to pipe smoking in which the substance is burned and inhaled, thus resulting in a harsh and often dangerous smoke that is absorbed by the lungs.

Perhaps the biggest (and only) similarity between the two is that if either one of these are used for recreational drugs (like Marijuana) it can considered paraphernalia in the eyes of the law. However the chance of a vaporizer being considered paraphernalia has been said to be far lower than pipes since, as many put it, vaporizer are not as disguisable. In end both are highly effective smoking devices, and even though many try to label a vaporizer as a “pipe” its design and health benefits prove it is anything but.

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