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Analog Volcano Vaporizer Review $539.99

Analog Volcano Vaporizer Review

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We have been blessed with the ability to have recently gotten our hands on two of the absolute best vaporizers on the market. Both of these are the volcano brand of vaporizer, and they are definitely high end.

Going for about $540, the Analog Volcano Vaporizer certainly is not cheap. But you get what you pay for, and in this aspect it is the absolute best. The Analog Volcano is the fraternal twin of the Digital Volcano, with the only difference being that the temperature setting knob is manual as opposed to the digital setup that the Digital Volcano offers.

Vapor wise, the Analog Volcano Vaporizer is pristine. This thing is efficient as all get out, and the amount of vapor put out by this thing is so heavy that it ends up looking like smoke. That amount of vapor may seem daunting, but it is great, smooth, and got us very high.volcano_classic_solid_valve

Maintenance wise, the Vapor series of vaporizers has made a name for itself due to the solid construction and low maintenance that it needs. We know people that have had theirs for years and have done little to no cleaning on the thing. Guess what? It still runs as well as the day they got it.

The internal heating element on the Analog Volcano Vaporizer is great. The system automatically sets itself to the temperature you want, and actually maintains that temperature! If you go out for a bit and come back, there is no waiting to be able to get this monster raring again… it is already done! We tested this out a few times, and every time we came back and were ready to use, our Analog Volcano Vaporizer was waiting, primed up and ready for action.

We really can’t say enough about this vaporizer. The device is solid, creates an excellent amount of quality vapor, and will last you two or three lifetimes with little to no maintenance. Do yourself a favor and go get one.

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